Thursday, June 7, 2007

How To Start Out in Archery

As a beginner, you might not want to buy anything. Why not rent your bow, your arrows, and so on and so forth. That way you don't make an investment in something that you aren't sure you are going to stick with (as wonderful as archery is, it's not for everyone). And by joining a club you often get to use their equipment or only a small fee. If you are required to provide your own equipment, then make sure you have selected the best that you can. Choose some archery equipment that is tailored to beginners to make sure that you are getting the correct basic, elemental stuff. You'll need a correctly sized bow with lighter poundage (at first) and arrows of the correct size for the size and style of bow that you are going to use.

Have great patience with yourself in learning archery. Basic aiming and releasing with a fair degree of accuracy can be learned in merely a quarter of an hour, but to become an expert archer requires years of training, study, and assiduous practice.


An Archery Glossary

When you are getting into archery, you'll surely want to wear an armguard so as to protect your bow arm from abrasive friction which can come from the oscillating string after release. When you're practicing or even in competition, you can make great use of a clicker. This spring-loaded finger shall help you by sounding an audible cue that your arrow has been drawn to a repeatable distance. As you're practicing you will want to judge how good every end, or set of arrows released (three to six), has been for your accuracy progress.

And speaking of releasing the arrow, don't forget your leather finger tab for protecting your string fingers. Always pay attention to the condition of the fletching on your arrows so that you don't start releasing mis-flights. When you are in competition, you'll want to keep close track of how well you're doing in each FITA Round, that set of 144 arrows shot at a target from four different distances. This is the most common round in archery contests. That set of 144 arrows won't all belong to the same group, though, as this is either a trio of arrows that you have shot at a target or the pattern in which your arrows landed on the target.

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